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Healthcare Consulting
Expert Medical Witness
  • Public Health
  • Preventive Medicine
  • Tobacco Harm Reduction

Dr. Nitzkin is a physician epidemiologist and administrator, Board Certified in Preventive Medicine with an MPH and a doctorate in Public Administration. He has served as a local health director, state health director and President of two national public health organizations. He has been in the private practice of public health since the mid-1990’s, concentrating on quality of care and expert witness work. On a voluntary basis, he has been a proponent of tobacco harm reduction and the training of public health and medical staff to improve their management and policy/political skills.  His resume includes 80+ peer reviewed publications and over 100 presentations and policy papers on the topics noted above. 

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Joel L. Nitzkin, MD, MPH, MPA, DPA
Board Certified in Preventive Medicine
    504 606 7043
    New Orleans, Louisiana
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