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Joel L. Nitzkin, MD

Since the early 1970ís, Dr. Nitzkin has been an innovator in public health and healthcare administration. Since the early 1990s he's been in the private practice of public health as a health policy consultant, with his own firm (JLN, MD Associates, LLC). The secret to his success is a unique combination of medical knowledge, epidemiologic insight, and policy-analysis skill Ė which enable him to simultaneously consider the clinical, community, administrative, fiscal and policy/political aspects of each issue, program and agency.

As a consultant, Dr. Nitzkinís greatest strength is his ability to diagnose, repair or properly terminate dysfunctional preventive and quality assurance programs in healthcare and public health settings.  As a teacher, he is at his best when teaching facility and agency leadership how best to integrate medical knowledge with policy, management and finance. As an Expert witness, his goal, for both plaintiff and defense, is the elimination of ambiguity to facilitate rapid and effective out of court settlement.

 JLN, MD Associates is an LLC with Dr. Nitzkin as sole member

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